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Stainless Steel Worktops - The Seasoned Veteran Of Every Profess

Stainless Steel Worktops - a key member of the kitchen team...

It's hard to envision a kitchen in the food service industry without picturing bustling employees, succulent aromas, flaring flambs and the occasional but very boisterous expletive. Between the mayhem, though, there's one team member who shines above the rest with a dignified calm. No, not the master chef-he's usually the loudest actually-but rather the <a href="http://www.tophardwarecn.com"><strong>Steel Grating Supplier</strong></a><br/> worktop he's chopping on. Stainless steel has become such an industry standard in the past half-century that you might find a discussion on its benefits almost redundant, yet it has more nuances then you'd expect. So whether you're a peon at McDonald's or an Iron Chef, now is the time to shine up on your metal trivia. Don't be surprised however if that spicy waitress fails to understand the "irony" of your crappy steel jokes.

There are many reasons why Stainless Steel Worktops are the perfect solution...

To satisfy pub quizzers, let's delve straight into the science itself: chromium safeguards this metal by oxidizing its surface, moulding itself into a resistant layer of chromium oxide. This layer is not some cursory coating either; the metal contains at least 11% chromium, which re-oxidizes at the surface after a scratch. Standard stainless steel-grade 304-also contains a pinch of nickel. U. S. nickels (and British 5p coins) are a quarter nickel, and since stainless steel is made from about 60% recycled metal, your sink could literally be made of money. But don't get too excited at the prospect of trying to find that nickel. Unless armed with copious quantities of hydrochloric acid (in which case you should probably reconsider food service), you'll find stainless steel a tough nut to crack. It won't dent easily, even when the sous-chefs get bored and decide to wrestle their way through the evening shift. When the bedlam's finally subsided, clean up is a cinch. Stainless steel worktops will normally require nothing stronger than soapy water, although stainless steel is inert to hospital-grade disinfectants, which are handy for sterilising that crusty prawn found lurking behind the deep fat fryer.

If you use a heavily-chlorinated soap in your washing sink, however, you might want to consider 316-grade steel, which has a higher chemical resistance due to the addition of molybdenum. Don't sweat over the pronunciation of molybdenum when shopping for a new
<a href="http://www.tophardwarecn.com/category/steel-grating.html"><strong>Steel Grating Manufacturer</strong></a><br/>
sink, incidentally, because designers also refer to 316 as "Marine grade", oft used for laboratory sinks, to make life easier for tongue-tied chefs.

One of this metal's greatest assets is its flexibility. This may sound like a paradox, coming from a metal famed for its rigidity. In this instance however, we are referring not to steel's willingness to yield under the crushing blow of a tenderised steak, but rather to its customisable nature. Steel can be crafted into almost any conceivable shape, to maximise the available space and reduce wastage during the manufacturing process. So whether you need to fricassee an octopus in your sink or just want a countertop shaped like a Stegosaurus (we've all thought about it), stainless steel is the solution. Off-site custom stainless steel fabrication also minimises waste and reduces on-site installation time. Assuming you took your measurements accurately in the first place, your sink should just slot into place. All that's left to do then is hook up the plumbing and prepare to fricassee at will.

Stainless steel worktops are have the least environmental impact...

Due to its 100% recyclability, steel doesn't have to try too hard to gain full marks in the environmental department. So when the excitement over the Stegosaurus countertop finally dissipates, you can just have it turned into a T-Rex instead. Not content with being completely reusable however, steel's green credentials are further enhanced by its sustained lifespan - steel is impervious to almost every hazard known to man, including the dreaded zombie apocalypse. When the undead finally decide to walk the earth, barricade yourself in the nearest restaurant kitchen and you should be safe. As well as having a larder full of food to sustain you, just think of all those knives with which you can fight off the flesh-eating hordes when they come scavenging for scraps. Even if the ungrateful dead do make it past the rudimentary barricade you've thrown up and all hell breaks loose in the kitchen, at least the steel worktops shouldn't get scratched. Of course, that may be of little consolation in the heat of the moment, when your mates are turning into zombies in less time than it takes to scream 'Keep off the molybdenum worktops! ' Later though, when you've vanquished the zombies and are steered with the task of rebuilding civilisation, you'll be grateful that your cherished worktops are still intact. It's the little things that get you through the day sometimes.

Composite countertops just aren't cut out to handle the sustained abuse that invading hordes - or even just overzealous chefs - can inflict upon them. Just grabbed a hot pan that's rapidly burning your hands through the tea towel you deployed in place of oven-gloves? Slap that pan down on the worktop and give your scorched digits a breather - the trusty <a href="http://www.tophardwarecn.com/category/steel-grating.html"><strong>Stainless Steel Grating Manufacturer</strong></a><br/> worktop won't mind a jolt. Try that with a composite countertop and you'll end up with a souffl-sized crater, for even the most advanced plastic material (such as Du Pont's Corian) is not completely heat-proof. Indeed, the Du Pont website claims that hot pans should not be placed directly on it. Herein lies the true reason why top chefs trust in stainless steel worktops: they can handle the searing skillets of the most hellish kitchens. So, is your kitchen destined for lukewarm tofu or searing steaks? With stainless steel, you can cook up whatever you want, however you want and make as much mess as you like in the process. Ditch those roasting hot griddles wherever you like; smear grease and gristle across every surface. Dinner comes first, the clean-up later. With nothing more troublesome than stainless steel to wipe down, that shouldn't take long.

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Scaffolding Fittings Offer Safe And Secure Construction Work

Modern scaffolding offers good affirm for labors while they execute their work in any commercial areas. These are portable and can easily transfer to any other location. Used around businesses, commercial areas, schools and residential areas, these are generally manufactured by scaffolding manufacturers in varied sizes, dimensions and grades. It consists of different kinds and designs, so that it can easily install in any application areas. There are various types of Scaffolding Accessories that include Joint Pin, Top Cup, Prop Nut, Shuttering Scaffolding Chali, Bottom Cup, Ledger Blade, Jack Nut, Prop Sleeve, Wing Nut, U Head Jack, Jack Handle, Base Plate, Base Jack, and much more. Scaffoldings are short-term structure that is made by connecting various metal tubes and pipes.

<a href="http://www.steeltubechina.com/product/forged-steel-socket-welding-fittings.html"><strong>Forged Steel Socket Pipe Fittings</strong></a><br/> consist of large pieces that are generally known as couplers used for holding up two or more pieces of the structure altogether. These have small parts which are usually used for holding the scaffolding structure together in various commercial and industrial areas. These are mainly designed to help the structure, in order to endure the exact amount of weight. All these fittings are strictly checked under several guidelines and norms that confirm its preciseness. Generally, torque examines are accomplished by various manufacturing companies, in order to guarantee its constancy and strength.

Made up of forged steel and other quality raw materials, these scaffolding fittings are easily used for construction purposes. Mainly used on construction sites, these are extremely in demand because of its exclusive features and vast applications. However, it is very important to choose the best scaffolding products, in order to assist the scaffolding system and the entire construction process efficiently. These are actually elements blend that workers use for accessing remote spaces in various building construction and other industrial areas.

Additionally, selecting the best fasteners actually helps in protecting all workers and lessens indebtedness for any organization. There are number of things to remember like where the scaffolding <a href="http://www.steeltubechina.com/product/forged-steel-socket-welding-fittings.html"><strong>socket joint fittings</strong></a><br/> will be used. The user must select durable and quality assured scaffold, in order to work in a safe way. In order to make construction work successful, high-quality foundations are extremely essential. In fact, the working platform must also meet the safety necessities.

Various kinds of ties like box ties, lip tie, anchor tie, etc., are used in the scaffold structure in compliance with the nature of the construction. Suspended scaffolds are especially suitable for tall building as these are quite easy and safe to use. While scaffold construction, various materials like legs, poles, frames, brackets, and other stiff supports also comes during set-up. These works are usually enduring to definite safety responsibilities and the minimal necessities are set forth by the agencies. So far, the key elements of basic scaffolds are distinguished as standards, transoms and ledgers.

Multipurpose scaffolding unit are mostly used by various industries as it is easy to use and comprises of one horizontal and two vertical cross bars <a href="http://www.steeltubechina.com/product/forged-branch-outlet-fittings.html"><strong>forged branch outlet fittings</strong></a><br/>, ledger pipes and socket couplings. To confirm utmost security, these products must set up in conformity with the scaffold plan and facility. While choosing these such accessories, one must consider few things like shape, location of the building and design as well.

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The Essence of Carton Printing

Carton printing is a very old art that has been there for the past years. As the world industrialized the manufacture of goods increased which meant that goods had to be transported from the manufacturer to the consumer. Cartons were used to make the transportation easier. Printing came in as a way to recognize ones goods from the other.

There are very many types of inks and machines that are readily available for the <a href="http://www.chinacartonmachinery.com/category/corrugated-cardboard-automatic-separator-machine.html"><strong>corrugated paper forming machine</strong></a><br/> purposes. Of course their prices very much from each other because some require a lot of work to get the right color tone. The ink is developed in such a way it's long lasting even after being rained on. Long ago the exercise was done by hand but today it is done with the help of machines. They have proven to be much more efficient in the process. The machines fold and print at the same time.

Compared with the use of hands the machines are better off because the level of errors are reduced. A machine is meant to do what it's programmed to do. This means that it has only that task to perform throughout its lifetime. The human brain can forget because one can loose focus very easily. The amount of ink used in the whole process is quit a lot. That is why most companies try to come up with their own methods of printing to cut down on the cost and save money.

Cartridges are very important during printing. They carry the ink that is required for the exercise. Buying a new cartridge is very expensive that's why most tend to rely on refilling. It should be done by an expert to ensure that no damage comes to it during the process. A professional will give a guarantee incase a problem arises during the refilling exercise. <a href="http://www.chinacartonmachinery.com/category/creasing-machine-28ammonites-box-machines-29.html"><strong>auto creasing machine </strong></a><br/> is very important; some of their importances are security which is very important. When a carton is not labeled there is a possibility tat it might get lost. When goods are being transported from one place to another either air, road, rail or water, the possibility of unlabelled goods getting lost are very high. That is why most companies that are involved in production do their best too make sure that the company emblem is printed on the carton for easy identification.

Another reason why carton printing is very important is for easy recovery. Most companies print their addresses on the carton to ensure that if it lost. During delivery if it's delivered to the wrong person, it easily be returned to the company so that the proper initiative can be made to make sure the owner receives his package.

Since the development of the system of marking initials on cartons, goods have reached their destination with few or no hindrances. The cartons can be decorated to even fit in during special occasions e. g. birthdays, Christmas, new years among others. The <a href="http://www.chinacartonmachinery.com/category/crosscutting-machine.html"><strong></strong></a><br/> exercise is here to stay and it will remain practical for years to come.

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What Are SAE Flanges?

What are SAE Flanges? If this question confounds you, this is the right place to get answers.

SAE Flanges is a range of hydraulic flange which is made in accordance to SAE J518 standards. The acronym SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers. These flanges are used on oil hydraulic systems in many fields (shipbuilding, mobile hydraulic equipment, machine tools, earth moving machines, etc... ) and where there is passage of oil under pressure.

Flanges are made from normalized forgings and are usually of two kinds of material,
<a href="http://www.steeltubechina.com/product/forged-steel-socket-welding-fittings.html"><strong>Forged Steel Socket Pipe Fittings</strong></a><br/> ST52. 3 and stainless steel AISI SS316L.

SAE Flanges come in two series, code 61 (3000 series) and code 62 (6000 series). For code 61 (3000# series), they are available in all nominal sizes between DN10 (3/8") and DN125 (5"). For code 62 (6000# series), they are available in all nominal sizes between DN10 (3/8") and DN80 (3")

Working Pressure:
The standard pressure ranges from 34 to 345 bar for code 61 (3000 series) and 200 to 414 bar for code 62 (6000 series). Please take note that the pressure information of the flange and connected equipment combinations may vary from each other. For example: if a pipe connected to the flange has a lower working pressure, it will result in an overall lower working pressure of the system. Therefore, please consider the lowest pressure as the maximum working pressure of this combination.

How SAE Flanges work:
A complete set comprises of a flat side flange and an o-ring side flange. The o-ring side flange contains a groove seat to place a rubber o-ring (normally made of NBR material). The complete set forms a seal between a flat surface and o-ring held in a recessed circular groove in the other half. Tightening the bolts draws the two halves together and compresses the O-ring.

Due to this usage of the o-ring, flanges with o-rings has an advantage over metal to metal flanges as <a href="http://www.steeltubechina.com/product/forged-steel-socket-welding-fittings.html"><strong>socket joint fittings</strong></a><br/>all-metal flanges are more prone to leakage because they must be tightened to a higher, yet narrower torque range. This makes metal to metal flanges more prone to strip threads or crack.

A complete set of flange is tightened using socket head cap screws & spring washers according to recommended torque. The screw lengths are usually shorter than the overall SAE flanges length but this is normal in accordance to SAE J518 standard. Also, as per SAE J518, there are no requirements for hex nuts for securing the flanges.

Configurations of SAE Flanges:
Commonly used connection types consist of: Weld In/ Socket Weld, Weld On/ Butt Weld, NPT Threaded, BSP Threaded, Blind Flanges, Split Flanges.
Upon request, flanges can be supplied complete with screws, washers and NBR/Viton o-rings.

Brands of Flanges:
A highly recommended brand for SAE Flanges is Oleo Tecnica. Oleo Tecnica is an Italian <a href="http://www.steeltubechina.com/product/forged-branch-outlet-fittings.html"><strong>forged branch outlet fittings</strong></a><br/>manufacturer specializing in SAE Flanges. Oleo Tecnica was established in 1976 and has more than 36 years of specialized experience manufacturing flanges. Other well established brands include Parker Hannifin and Stauff.

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Add a Splash of Colour to Winter With Sports Car Hire

With temperatures plunging and colours of sky and landscape becoming gloomier, there is something that you can look forward to. A streak of passionate scarlet can be yours to enjoy with Ferrari Car Hire. All models on offer at this, and any, time of the year, are guaranteed to add zest, excitement and uncompromising pleasure to your four-day weekend or short-term Sports Car Hire <a href="http://www.krdautoparts.com/category/transmission-shaft.html"><strong>power transmission shaft</strong></a><br/>.

Whilst convertibles are great for summer sun, the sensuous cocoon of the Ferrari 458 Italia Coupé is ideal to add sparkle to duller days. The 2-seater berlinetta is perfect for getting you into the freshest conditions that autumn and winter can throw at you, whilst revving up your internal thermostat with its riveting performance, and keeping you enveloped in serious style and luxury.

This Ferrari for hire is characterised by its ground-breaking mid-rear engine. The 4. 5 litre V8 swamps you with power when you need it most, with acceleration statistics of 0-60 mph in just 3. 4 seconds. This is thanks to the 562 bhp produced at 9000 rpm. Sculpted air intakes on the top of the rear wings ensure optimal cooling dynamics to this power unit, with beautiful visual appeal. With 540Nm of torque, this is certainly the steed for icy conditions. This is complemented by an aviation-industry inspired chassis, yielding up to 15% more rigidity, as well as a new double-wishbone set-up for the front suspension. For longer Sports car hire trips this season, the GT comfort is superb. The 7-speed F1 <a href="http://www.krdautoparts.com/category/transmission-shaft.html"><strong>transmission drive shaft</strong></a><br/> transmission and Pre-Fill braking technology ensure a red-hot drive this season.

Ferrari car hire certainly adds its stamp to frosty conditions. In legendary crimson the Italia Coupé could be the perfect way in which to arrive at Christmas or end-of-year celebrations. It is certainly a great ice-breaker at office parties. It will definitely warm you up with its electrifying performance, dynamic driving appeal, and optical elegance.

The aerodynamics of this Sports Car Rental are not just for engineering mastery after all. Designed in collaboration with Michael Schumacher, as well as Pininfarina, the exterior and interior look and feel are exceptional. All your senses will marvel at the spectacle that is the sensuous silhouette. As you sit inside the car, even more is available in which to revel. It was not just the outside that received the attention of the German multiple F1 World Champion. The interior is perfectly proportioned for luxury and comfort, as well as for driving excellence. All the main controls are positioned around the steering column offering you intimate control of the sometimes-slippery road conditions outside <a href="http://www.krdautoparts.com/category/transmission-shaft.html"><strong>power transmission shaft</strong></a><br/>. With Ferrari car hire UK, there simply is no excuse to stay indoors this winter.

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